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How we began...

MI Hands began as a simple desire to find my daughter a deodorant that didn’t contain parabens or aluminum. I knew I didn't want her to use commercial deodorants, but we also couldn’t find a natural deodorant that actually worked. So I started researching deodorant…how they work, why they work, ingredients, recipes and so on. Then, I started crafting. After some failed attempts, I finally crafted a recipe that worked! It was so much fun and so satisfying to take raw ingredients and put them together in a way that produces a product that not only works, but that is beneficial! I was hooked! I had to make something else! So after deodorant, I tried my hand at lotion…then lip balm…then soap…then shaving cream…then…I realized I had a problem. Haha! Ok…not really…but I had all these ingredients and all these ideas and really wanted to keep making more! So we started selling our products at our local farmer’s market and on Etsy. And years later…I still love designing and handcrafting each product I make! And it is still my desire to provide natural and beneficial products for not only my family but yours too!


Where we are...

Our handcrafted products are made by my hands in the beautiful state of Michigan… hence the name MI (my) Hands :)


What we use...

I use as many natural ingredients as I possibly can and source high-quality, sustainably harvested ingredients. All of our products are made 100% from scratch using formulations that we have designed to be as nourishing and helpful for the skin as possible. And none of our products are ever tested on animals…just the stinky, dry, and dirty skin of our family and friends!


What we don't use...

You will not find:

  • Parabens
  • Aluminum
  • Petroleum products

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