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Hi! And welcome to MI Hands (pronounced "my hands"). We have recently gone through a rebranding and are still in the process of changing everything over. So as you are browsing, you may discover some products are missing their pics. Please know that we are trying to update everything as quickly as we can. They are still the same wonderful products that we have been making for years, but with a new logo and label.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our website and shopping with us. And hope you will stop back often :) 

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Essential Oils, Flavor Oils, & Fragrance Oils

Essential oils: an essential oil is a natural product extracted from a single plant species. Not all plants produce essential oils, and in the plants that do, the essential oil may be found in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or fruits. These oils capture the plant's scent and flavor, also called its "essence." Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. Essential oils are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that's ready for use. The way the oils are made is important, as essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils. To sum this up... essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell and flavor, or "essence," of their source.

Flavor Oil: the term "flavor oil" is a bit of a misnomer. Flavor oils are really lip-safe fragrances. They smell but do not taste. Flavor oils are used to scent your lips. Sometimes a sweetener (like Stevia or another natural sugar substitute) is used with a flavor oil. The sweetener tricks your brain into thinking you are tasting the flavor when you are actually smelling it. 

Fragrance Oil: manufactured scents that mimic the scent of a natural product (such as coffee fragrance oil) or are created to invoke a feeling (for example “spring rain”).

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